Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cartooning Club- Thursday, July 12

Our next Cartooning Club will meet Thursday, July 12 at 5:30. It's a week earlier than usual because we have a special program at the library on July 19- Action Animals. That program will feature animals trained for TV and movie work. Sounds cool!
 We have already covered Batman and Spider-man in anticipation of their upcoming films, so this month we will work on creating a world for our characters to move around in. Characters are great, but they need a place to do great or funny things in- not just a white box. And it has to be the right kind of place, too. Flash Gordon just wouldn't be the same next to a rock wall and a red dog house. To close out, we'll have some animation, just not sure from whom or when just yet!
 The Cartooning Club is for everyone aged 8 to 98 who wants to draw, or write comics or learn about the techniques used by comic artists and animators. You'll learn a little history, some practicle application, and you can share your work with others!

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