Thursday, September 27, 2012

History of Indian Trail, NC

Almost two years ago, I was approached about doing a series of pictures on the history of Indian Trail, NC. One of the history committee members, Roger Fish, had seen my art for an old map of the county I had made for the library's genealogy display. He liked the kid-friendly, cartoon art that still kept the pictures in their proper eras. Roger would write up short pieces on important events, eras, people and activities in the area and then I would build. Once the pictures were approved the idea was to make a series of plaques for a "history walk" in a new town park that also featured a wonderful bronze bust of what a Native American would have looked like to the earliest settlers.
 Economic conditions have pushed the project to the back, but the committee has not given up on the project. Roger later approached me about coloring the pictures so they could be used for maybe calendars, a small booklet, or cards- all of which the committee could then sell to get the money for the plaques for the park's history walk. With the constant advances being made electronically, several cities have created app with audio/ video tours of their cities. These allow the user to go on a tour at their leisure and to learn facts and history about important places and people while also getting additional views their vantage point may not afford, pictures of "then and now", or illustrations that help tell the stories tied to the place. So I am in the process of coloring the pictures, when I'm not doing art for the church, or working on my own graphic novel project, or tending to my full time or part time job duties, or trying to figure out how to make Return of Mini-Con V happen.

 In the mean time, you can look at some of the b&w and colored art from the project. Enjoy!

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