Sunday, November 18, 2012

30 Characters 30 Days Challenge

Due to a variety of things from time/ location constraints to technical issues with the computer &/or scanner (depends on which day it was!) I have not been posting to the 30 Characters in 30 Days Challenge. And once I fgure out how I am supposed to make an entry on their Wordpress site, I'll put them all up there. For now, here is an early smattering of some of the characters I have created thus far.
Based off ancient Mesopotamian designs, this is the emperor from centuries ago. His crown has some mysterious power and will give the empire a ruler again- if it can ever be found.

The empire's ruling council- the three heads that  have run the empire for centuries. L-R- Head of war, Head of affairs of state, Head of judgement.

Grid, the living football!

Adding a golem to Snake Luster's Monster Pirate Crew

No idea what it is- but definitely part of the monster pirates!

Modeled after the Hindu Monkey King, this member of the monster pirates is named Hanu.

He's called a shadow demon, but he really is a  subterranean  creature  who gives off a "dark light."

Trash Can Man is a new adversary for my comedic hero, Capt. Punishment!

Teaming up with Trash Can Man to give Capt. Punishment more headaches!

Veil is part of the monster crew. She is a seer, and what lies behind the veil she wears is beautiful to some, sheer terror to others.

Inspired by the Easter Island Statues, this rock giant is part of the crew. He's the runt of his tribe, standing just 8 feet tall!

Mystic Dalmatian Yeti. Need I say more?

Thunder here is a young Tauran- what we would call a minotaur. Except he doesn't eat people.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

There's a lot of comics news lately!

Hot off the heels of the big news of Disney's $4 billion purchase of LucasFilms, several other interesting comics related stories have surfaced this week.
 First, from my friend and comics artist extraordinaire, Al Bigley, was this really cool link to a display of Silver Age comics at the Atkins Library at UNC Charlotte. The comics were a gift from a donor and are part of the library's archives collection. The collection is primarily Marvel and DC titles, and are not ones people get to see in their original form very much. If you find yourself in the University area of Charlotte, take the time to head over and see these gems of comics history for yourself. If you can't make it out that way, the library has the display online so you can peruse the covers, some of the pages, and learn a little about some of the characters in the context of the era they are set in. Click here for the online tour! Enjoy!
Super Scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson
 Next, was news that the location of Superman's homeworld, Krypton, has been given a real set of coordinates in outer space! Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson was asked by DC comics to come up with a plausible location for where Krypton would have been if it had been real. Tyson, who is brilliant yet very adept at explaining complex scientific ideas so boneheads like me get it, placed it near a red dwarf star in the Corvus constellation. That would make Kal-El's journey to Earth a distance of about 27.1 light years! You can read more about Tyson's "discovery" at the New York Post. Tyson's choice of location makes some other interesting connections to Superman lore.

 The families of Jerry Seigel and Joe Schuster lost their court battle for the rights to Superman recently, and have now filed an appeal to a higher court. The families have made agreements in the past with Warner/DC but have also argued that the compensation they have received over the years has been greatly undervalued compared to the revenue the Man of Steel has brought DC over the years.This story came to me from Bloomberg via New Kadia Comics.

Are court battles going to wear down the Man of Tomorrow?

The buck stops here!

 Last is news I got off of that Disney may have it's eyes on buying up Hasbro. Hasbro manufactures toys for LucasFilm properties Star Wars and Indiana Jones, along with Transformers and Hasbro's own "home-grown" line, GI Joe. Hisstank picked up the story from MTV Geek. Read it for yourself  HERE. And now you know....and knowing is half the battle!