Sunday, November 18, 2012

30 Characters 30 Days Challenge

Due to a variety of things from time/ location constraints to technical issues with the computer &/or scanner (depends on which day it was!) I have not been posting to the 30 Characters in 30 Days Challenge. And once I fgure out how I am supposed to make an entry on their Wordpress site, I'll put them all up there. For now, here is an early smattering of some of the characters I have created thus far.
Based off ancient Mesopotamian designs, this is the emperor from centuries ago. His crown has some mysterious power and will give the empire a ruler again- if it can ever be found.

The empire's ruling council- the three heads that  have run the empire for centuries. L-R- Head of war, Head of affairs of state, Head of judgement.

Grid, the living football!

Adding a golem to Snake Luster's Monster Pirate Crew

No idea what it is- but definitely part of the monster pirates!

Modeled after the Hindu Monkey King, this member of the monster pirates is named Hanu.

He's called a shadow demon, but he really is a  subterranean  creature  who gives off a "dark light."

Trash Can Man is a new adversary for my comedic hero, Capt. Punishment!

Teaming up with Trash Can Man to give Capt. Punishment more headaches!

Veil is part of the monster crew. She is a seer, and what lies behind the veil she wears is beautiful to some, sheer terror to others.

Inspired by the Easter Island Statues, this rock giant is part of the crew. He's the runt of his tribe, standing just 8 feet tall!

Mystic Dalmatian Yeti. Need I say more?

Thunder here is a young Tauran- what we would call a minotaur. Except he doesn't eat people.

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