Monday, June 17, 2013

Superman Day!

 Yes, I have been away for quite awhile- full-time job and full-time family, and real life daily struggles all just push this stuff to the back.
 Still, I have managed to keep up with the big comics news that has been going on, and while the library will not be having the fifth annual mini-con, I found a way to make up for it in spades!

 May 4, I had the library participate in Free Comic Book Day. We handed out FCBD comics generously donated from Top Shelf (Chris Staros is an amazing good guy in the comics world!), Oni Press, and IDW (Oni and IDW I also put high on the list of good guys in comics because of the outreach they do with libraries and other organizations.).

 Saturday, June 15 we took part in Superman Day here at Union West Regional! Random House Publishing and  DC Comics sent out Superman Day packs to libraries that requested them. Included were 49 copies of All-Star Superman #1 with a little editing and a Man of Steel header across the top; 30 buttons with the new DC Comics logo; 100 bookmarks; and 3 posters!
Original Shuster art, cleaned up, re-inked and re-colored by yours truly!
 Along with that I printed out a life-size comic picture of the man of steel for kids to have their pictures taken with and I printed out a very big (over 6 ' high!) wall poster showcasing some of the key Superman covers starting with Action Comics #1. There were also some early reader storybooks featuring a variety of comic heroes for the really young fans and Superman coloring books to hand out, too. Kids could also choose and color their own Superman or Supergirl bookmark design, customize their own "S" shield based off of five different styles used through the years, show their strength by knocking down some cardboard and tin-foil poles, and show off their jumping ability by leaping over small boxes covered to look like buildings.
I also pulled every Superman book and movie I could find in the entire library system so the people who came would have the best selection of Superman materials they could possibly get from the library. Interestingly, it was the selection of adult books which went the fastest- Brad Meltzer's Book of Lies leading the way. Early children's readers and kids books went next, and teen was the slow mover of the day. The place was nuts for Superman- even the therapy dogs that came for the kids to read to were dressed in their own Superman costumes and capes! Library patrons were wearing their super-shirts, and everyone was having fun! It was a fitting way to celebrate Kal-El's 75th birthday! Look at the pictures to see what a good time so many people- and dogs- had!

A junior hero, wearing his own cape!

Super dog Dixie!

How many poles can you knock down in a single throw?

The set-up before things got crazy!

Very proud to have an S on her chest!

Josie- another super dog!

A psychedelic original S shield, a classicly styled S shield and a Dr. Who S shield!

Super girls!

Super dog Henri assists a youth by motivating him to read. Yawn. Good job, Henri.

Creativity abounds!

Little Metropolis is still bigger than Kandor, and according to the labels, healthier, too!

Display of some classic Superman comics, movies, etc.

Superman posing with the dawgs!

Customizing the S shield.

Henri and Toodles get super-attention.

More great S shield work!

Check out that Action Comics 303 from 1963, courtesy of comics artist and collector Al Bigley!

More Superman goodness.

Superboy from 1963, a daily calendar, and a reprint of Jimmy Olsen #1.

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