Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cartooning Club studies Animaniacs!

In June, the Cartooning Club learned about creating multiple characters and looks off of a single model. In this case, we used the Animaniacs, or more accurately, the Warner Brothers Yakko and Wakko and the Warner Sister Dot. It's not hard to tell that these three characters are all built from the same model and constructed the same way, with minor adjustments along with superficial differences like Yakko's mussed hair, Wakko's hat and baggy shirt, and Dot's "pony-tailears". Other cartoons use a similar technique- Tom & Jerry cartoons, for instance, have all the characters use the same basic model to build the characters from- cats, dogs and mice are all constructed the same way and have the minor adjustments and superficial additions to make them stand out.
 This saved time for animators and made it easier to get artists and in-betweeners up to speed on how the characters should look.
 Our exercise was to draw each of the Warners, but with a different expression- sad, happy and goofy. While they may not look like the polished creations you see on TV (they are on the HUB- Hasbro's channel- these days) you can tell the kids built each of their characters using the same starting model and adding accordingly.

Goofy Yakko and Wakko and sad Dot by Preston!

Bored Yakko and surprised Wakko by Sam Peebles, age 12!

Warner expressions by Jack, age 16!

Brinton, age 13 gives us smiling Dot, sad Yakko and a goofy Wakko.

Sad Dot, happy Wakko and an exhausted Yakko by Maya, 10.

Suave Yakko, goofy Wakko, and sad/bored Dot by William Mimy, age 11.

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