Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Guest Artist- WOlly McNair!!! Cartooning Club, September 19!!

  I forget how I got into contact with WOlly McNair- whether he contacted me or if someone who was coming to last year's Return of Mini-Con knew him and asked me to contact him- but the VERY important thing was he gladly said "yes" to being a part of the show that day!
  Talented, humble, friendly, encouraging, knowledgeable, interesting, engaging, driven- all of these words could go to describe him as he divides his time between the everyday and his desire to take his art to the next level- and if one of the big publishers comes calling, well, all the better. But as he told me at last year's event "It's what I wanted at one time (to work for the big three), but I've seen plenty of artists get known without having to go that route."
  Along with being a guest at last year's mini-con (and a popular one, at that!), WOlly has been a booth artist at C2E2 in Chicago, Wizardworld regional comics events, Heroes Con, Cola Con in Columbia, SC and TONS of other places. Add in showings of his art at various college and university galleries, the Mint Museum in Charlotte, the Museum of Fine Art in Columbia and other places. His comic credits include work for indie publishers like iDreamz Studios, Da Servant Comics and Kiser Studios. If James Brown was the hardest working man in show business, then WOlly just might be the hardest working artist on the convention circuit these days!
 WOlly will be our guest at the Sept. 29 Cartooning Club here at the Union West Library. The Club begins at 5:30- be early to get a good seat!
 You can find more about WOlly on his blog, http://www.rebelsblogged.blogspot.com/.
 AND- you can check out him in action at last year's event and see some of his craftsmanship in these images. Enjoy!

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