Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dark Horse is Awesome!

 I have said it before and I will say it again- Dark Horse is an incredible company when it comes to dealing with libraries. Many of the smaller companies like Top Shelf, :01 Books, Campfire Press, Oni Press, BOOM! Studios and IDW work very hard to get as much outreach as they can, and they are willing to work with libraries knowing that it can be a good thing for themselves as well. Among the "big" publishers (Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse- and maybe Dynamite) you typically hit a brick wall of obscurity and impenetrability except with Dark Horse.
 I bring all of this up because I was planning an event for the Union West Library and I was in need of some swag- freebies, give aways- and there are only a small handful of publishers who would be applicable to the program. I contacted the publishers- one I hit a stone wall with, another said something would be coming but would not say what or when, and Dark Horse said they had been overwhelmed by this year's convention season and still had another event to gear up for. They didn't promise me anything, but said they would see what they could do. just yesterday, a package came to the library- inside were two-sided posters, buttons and very nice Di-cut bookmarks made from similar material to our library cards! Wow! This was fantastic, and I am so pleased to have something to hand out to the kids who come for our Star Wars Reads Day.
 Thank you so much Dark Horse! You are among the real -life good guys of comics!

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