Friday, October 4, 2013

Star Wars Day in One Week!

One week to go until our BIG Star Wars Day event!! We are excited to have so much going on that day!
Here is a run-down of who will be there and what is going on:

  • The 501st Legion- I still don't know how many will be there, or if or when they will arrive, but they have come through for us in the past and the imperial uniforms they put together are AMAZING! I have seen Stormtroopers, TIE Fighter Pilots and Biker Scouts! The 501st do all kinds of goodwill community outreach and support for charitable causes.
  • LOTS of standees of some favorite Star Wars characters! Photo ops for fans even if the 501st is late or misses out (for a really good reason, I'm sure!).
  •  The LEGO STORE will have a master builder with a table displaying some great kits and he will show you how to build spaceships and UFOs! You'll want to get some great ideas from him!
  • There will be several great crafts that won't take a ton of time to do- YODA EARS, Imperial Dog Tags, Clone trooper bookmarks and clone trooper pencil toppers!
  • There will be over 50 books -used and new- that will be handed out to kids who come dressed for the event. These aren't Star Wars books, but they are just as great, and everyone knows a Jedi should be as well-rounded in his or her education as possible!
  • Light saber duels! That's right- YOU can challenge another padawan or Jedi in a duel of skill! 
  • Dark Horse Comics, Scholastic Books and DK Publishing all pitched in and sent some excellent swag- bookmarks, buttons, posters and more! Keep your eyes open- you may get something cool!

 So there you have it. A long list of things to do in three hours on a Friday afternoon! And remember to wear your costumes (uniforms! they are uniforms!)!

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