Monday, October 14, 2013

Star Wars Day- the Report!

"Anything that can go wrong will go wrong," is an adage made famous by some poor sap named Murphy (or maybe named after him) and while it is an extreme view, it is almost always true. When it comes to having a Star Wars Day, that means the chaos of the Dark Side seemed to win the day, as only one presenter showed up, leaving us with no officially costumed characters, and no Lego table. (We're good with the Lego dude again- just sorry he wasn't there!)
Greetings from an extra-friendly trooper!

 But presentation is almost as important as the content of a program and it helped save the day!

Books! Utinni!
 As people came into the Union West Library they were greeted by a 6' 3" stormtrooper cutout with Star wars music and themes playing in the doorway. Upon entering, the meeting room was ready with a Master Yoda standee presiding over the light saber duels, and a shooting range had been added! Moving into the main portion of the library, the adult side had a table filled with fiction and graphic novels, and a stoic Jawa watching over the collection.
Every kind of Star Wars book a kid could want- and Darth Vader!!
  The kids side featured meditation activities (coloring pages) and strategy activities (mazes and puzzles) at the Jedi Academy table. Lord Vader stood proudly behind the kids table of books, arranged by reading level and type (non-fiction, graphic novels, etc). Another table was the crafts headquarters as kids made Yoda ears, Imperial dog tags, and clone trooper bookmarks and pencil toppers. The dog tags were a BIG hit- we ran out! Retro Reboot was a presenter who did show up, and the display os Star Wars merchandise was nothing short of AMAZING!!!

R2 had wheels and a rope so he could get around!
 The children's department had managed to save up over 60 books, new and gently used, and we were able to give them all away with no problem. In addition, DK Publishing sent us 17 sample books from the New York Comic Con and three other Star Wars books, which means roughly 80 kids got something to read and keep!

I meant shoot a picture, Boba Fett!
 The library circulation manager told me she kept a check on the door counter and in one hour, nearly 250 people came through! Our estimation for attendance is 350+!
 This was a library-wide event, and everyone at Union West that day- manager Betsy Cullen, circ manager Nancy Thompson, children's librarian Kenzia Lett, reference librarians Marcy Scudder and Cliff Rhodes and the circulation staff Heidi North, Jakeem Royal, Chris McHugh, and Pam Booth! You guys are amazing!

Banners- a good way to show off your sponsors!

ALL things Lego!

The Duels in action!

Shooting range- I see Imperial officer material standing to the left!

Princess Amidala and mini-Darth!

The youngest clone trooper I've ever seen...
Retro Reboot had a table full of AWESOME!!

Even princesses have to wait in line!
The banner for Dark Horse led the way to the graphic novels.

Does that Jedi robe double as a Snuggi?

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