Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Finishing the year in Cartooning Club.

 The Cartooning Club meets this Thursday, Dec. 19 at 5:30 and those who come will help finish a project. In October, the kids were asked to rough out some ideas for a picture they would like to give to someone. In November, we sketched out the pictures on large sheets or poster boards and some people even started the inking and coloring process! This week, we will meet to finish up our pictures, cleaning them up, fixing problems, inking and adding color. Then they can be rolled up with a bow and they are ready to give to somebody special!
 If you didn't come to the club meetings in October or November, you are still welcome to come to the December meeting! You can come with a rough drawing in hand or an idea in mind, or you can choose not to do a poster-sized picture at all. We will still have some great discussion about movies- is Frozen a cookie-cutter Disney movie or does it stand out for some reason? It looks like the best-selling Disney animated film to date, so it must be doing something well. We will talk about comics- a store in not-too-far-away Columbia, SC has announced they are not selling new comics on the rack anymore, just back issues! Is this because of digital comics? Are new comics overpriced? Is there no market for new books compared to the old ones?
 We will also check out some great early animation with a Christmas or winter theme to it. I am still amazed when i watch the old cartoons knowing that every cell was hand painted. No computers, no shortcuts. The consistency and quality from cell to cell of an old animated film is just amazing to me, and hopefully will be to you, too!
 In the meantime, check out these great pieces of kid art from our Cartooning Club!

A winking ghost who isn't afraid of the sun!

Mix Slenderman with My Little Pony. This is what you get.

Shadow and Tails flying into the fray!

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