Tuesday, January 7, 2014

What to read during the cold snap/ deep freeze? FREE COMICS!

It's the winterpocalypse and if you aren't away from home you probably don't want to go anywhere else (unless you have access to the Bahamas of Hawaii or something like that). So how do you get your fix for pop culture, action adventure, art and humor all while relaxing from the comfort of your chair? Never fear- I have the answer (otherwise, I wouldn't have written this article, right?)!

 There are several blogs that do a good job of posting old stories from the golden and silver ages- and in some cases even, the bronze age- of comics, and then there are those who do it passionately.

 Among those who are passionately involved to the point they are bonafied authorities on their subjects are the following blogs:

Big Glee- It's not about the annoying "high school musical" show on Fox- this blog is about a sincere appreciation for the sweathouse artists of days gone by. Comics illustrator Al Bigley showcases fantastic cover art and pages- many of them unpublished or later revised. Al shows the skill these older artists possesed in drawing, perspective, layout and story telling.

Pappy's Golden Age Blog- I don't know Pappy, but I do know he finds some incredible stories from comics Golden Age to highlight! Finding and reading these stories in print would likely cost you a big chunk of your yearly take-home pay, but Pappy has either scanned or gotten scans from other collectors to give you access to these incredible treasures. In addition, Pappy offers a little insight before the story- either about a theme it shares with other posts, or about the artist or writer, or the publishing company. It makes the reading experience of these stories a richer experience.

Diversions of a Groovy Kind- This blog does for the Bronze Age of Comics what Pappy's does for the Golden Age. Filled with stories, pin-ups and other art from the artists that make that era great, this is a fun blog to keep up with!

Dial B for Blog- Robby is on hiatus until January 23, but his blog is another goldmine of behind the scenes drama that make comics history so full and exciting. Entries usually are posted over several days to fill in all the info he wants to share. Topics include early letterers at DC, the REAL story of how Batman and his world was created, comparisons to characters from opposing companies and so much more. Robbie includes plenty of visuals and his writing style is almost conversational and very funny. Another one worth your time!

 Flashback Universe- Flashback Universe is a kind of retro modern comics site. The free comics to download are all original- original stories and characters- but many of them have their inspiration and/or design pulled from Golden Age characters. The site also discusses trends in comics- it's movement to film, comic stores changing and closing, and the "paper comics deathwatch". The blog alone is worthwhile, but the free stories make this site extra-special!

 There you have it- a great starting point to fill your comics thirst during these freezing times. Enjoy 'em now- thank me later!

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