Monday, March 24, 2014

Show YOUR Shield (@ your library!)

    A few posts ago I wrote about comic artist Al Bigley and how he created the "super hero card" for the Union County Public Library system. The card was such a success it got the attention of Marvel Comics! More specifically, their publicity arm, who has been busy promoting Captain America- The Winter Soldier. Marvel is teaming up with the library system for a special campaign called "Show YOUR Shield." The shield in this case is the library's super hero card. Patrons who have not picked up a super hero card yet, can still do so. On Saturday, March 29, from 2-4 pm, patrons are asked to show their shield (card) at the Main Library in Monroe, NC and they will be entered into a drawing for two tickets to an early showing of Captain America- The Winter Soldier on April 2- two days before the movie premieres nationally!
  But that is not all! Cosplayers and kids with costumes- come dressed as your favorite Marvel Comics character to win great prizes like t-shirts, posters, buttons and more. And one winner will receive a special grand prize!
Here is the official marvel explanation of Cap's shield.
  So, just like an ongoing Avengers comic, the power-enabled super hero card reveals a new plot-twist power in getting people early access to major media events of the Mighty Marvel style! 'Nuff said, true believers?

Cap says, "Show YOUR Shield!"

American Dream says, "Remember to wear your costume! I mean uniform! It's a uniform gosh-darn it!"

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