Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Superhero Library Cards!

If you missed the event this past Saturday, March 1 at the Union County Public Library in Monroe don't worry. The superhero cards have arrived at the rest of the libraries!

 What makes these library cards "superhero" cards? These cards are loaded with superpowers. A regular card gets you a check out limit of 35 items, allows you to reserve up to three items, and can give you a day's grace to return items. The superhero card raises those limits to 40 checked out items, five reserves and two day's grace! The powers last for a year, the same time a standard card is good for before it gets updated. The cards cost $3, but that money will go to purchase early literacy computers for the library system making your purchase of the card a heroic action!

 Cartooning Club friend and patron saint Al Bigley designed the card incorporating the different media the library utilizes into the picture- print, audio and digital/online. Reflecting the growing presence of females in the graphic novel marketplace, Al also made sure there was a guy and a girl superhero on the card.

 Al also signed a number of the posters of the card, and these are still available at most of the branches free when you pick up your card while they last! And if you pick up your card at the Marshville, Waxhaw or Union West (Indian Trail) libraries this week, your name will go into a drawing to win a signed copy of Al's comic/graphic novel Geminar!

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