Monday, July 21, 2014

Batman at his BEST! Batman week Part 3!

 Let the debate begin, but today's look at the Dark Knight looks at him at his best, and for me that means Batman, the Animated Series.
 What's their to love about this series, you ask? First, it ran for four seasons (honestly pretty good for a kids' cartoon!) and when it was done it spawned a number of other series including Superman, Batman Beyond, Justice League and Justice League Unlimited.
 Second- the look of the show was amazing. Bruce Timm designed the characters and their styles using simplified, angular lines that still looked impressive and unique from person to person. The backgrounds had a noir feel to them, and incorporated a lot of retro styled elements on the buildings, cars, planes and other things (like blimps). It was old school, it was contemporary and it was sci-fi all at once.
 Third- While it was still a guy in a costume chasing down other guys in costumes, the creators built a world where these scenarios could be plausible. There was real tension in scenes or between characters along with a lot of stories that continued to build the characters up. This is what pulled so many college kids and adults into the show- it was written for a broad audience.
 Fourth- Kevin Conroy's voice work on Batman and Bruce Wayne was spot on. Not so over the top like in the Nolan films and not straight-man funny like Adam West. When I read Batman now, I "hear" Batman with Conroy's voice.

 You are welcome to drop in at the Union West Library on Saturday, July 26 to debate which show or story run or movie was Batman at his best. We'll be celebrating 75 years of the Dark Knight with activities, give-aways and the Batman, the Animated Series movie, Subzero! Hope to see you there!

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