Monday, July 28, 2014

Batman Day Report!

Everybody wants to be Batman! That fact was made evidently clear to me when I saw the response to our Batman Day event at the Union West Library. Estimations put the crowd for our two hour event at about 160 people, and about 45 people enjoyed the movie, Subzero.
  We had a Joker ball toss game, a Batman and Villain logo matching game, a Justice League Soduku, and coloring pages, but it seemed the hit of the day was the Batrope Vs. Mr. Freeze's Tower where one child would build a tower from white foam blocks and another would toss a Batrope over it and try to pull the tower down. Just getting the rope where each player wanted was tougher than it looked- and at just four feet away! Plenty of bookmarks, coloring pages, posters, buttons, masks, tattoos, posters and comics were given out.
 Along with all of that, there was a drawing for comic packs,  Batman keychains and a Lego Batman set!
 It was a library, so naturally, all books and videos with any connection were put up on display for checkout- kids stuff in the children's area, the more graphic and adult stuff in the adult and teen area. Volunteers helped carry the day to successful close. Branch Manager Hannah Terrell handed out tickets for the drawings and popped popcorn for the movie. Circulation Manager Nancy Thompson came in on her day off and guided people into the building, ran the Joker ping-pong ball game, and helped with clean-up after the movie. Terri Savago in Children's donned her gear and was Bat-Gram, taking on all requests for books, taking pictures and helping to keep things on schedule. And the circulation staff handled the crowd while checking materials in and out and helping in the children's area.
 The featured guest was Batman who made an appearance in his "old-school" uniform along with the more modern Red Robin. 
Among the more interesting heroes in attendance was a Batman in flip-flops, a Captain America (what's HE doing here?!), and an amalgamation that could be Venom Batman or Batvenom! All in all, a very cool day of fun for our little Bat-fans!

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