Monday, July 14, 2014

Heroes Con 2014 late post

 Heroes Con in Charlotte happened LAST month in Charlotte, but things have been busy and keeping me away from certain projects- like updating the blog. My youngest son went with me and we had a blast! The place was pretty full on Saturday, despite the wide aisles and long tables at the artists' booths.
 After my son finished donning his Winter Soldier gear, we made our way down the first line by the restrooms we noticed a lot of the guys at these tables were Yankees! Maybe it just worked out that, but a bunch of artists from up north were put between the men's and women's restrooms. Poor guys!
 The first artist I went and found was Jeremy Dale and his wife. I had the pleasure of catching up with them at Free Comic Book Day, so it was really nice to see them again just a month later! We talked a little about Skyward, and how his style reminded me of the late Mike Weiringo's art, and what kinds of projects Mr. Dale might be eyeing in the future.
 Next up was Joe Staton, a long-time comics veteran who now does Dick Tracy. I had only found out a few weeks before the Con that Dick Tracy was still being published as a strip, so I was excited to meet the man who was keeping the old gangbuster going! I also caught up with Dave McDonald, who has two Hamster Sam books out right now, and Marcus Hamilton from Dennis the Menace. On the same block with Dave and Marcus was Kevin Siers, editorial cartoonist for the Charlotte Observer, John Rose who has been doing the Snuffy Smith & Barney Google strip, and the legendary Roy Thomas! Siers MIGHT be open to doing an appearance at our Cartooning Club in the Fall- stay tuned! Rose talked to us for quite awhile about how newspaper strips are having to change as newspapers either close shop or move to online content. He also talked about how he is gradually trying to work Barney Google back into the strip he once was the feature of, and how Snuffy Smith has also changed through the years, like being able to read where at one time he couldn't.
 Wooly McNair was at the show displaying his Black Panda series. The man has a great vision to go into the schools and share the basics of how comics are made and read in an effort to encourage more interest in literacy in children. I can't wait to see what he comes up with. Budd Root was there as well, and I might be wrong but he looked like he had something- a new project or idea or whatever, going on in the back of his mind. He looked so happy and comfortable drawing, but also so involved.
 Overall, it was crowded, a bit noisy, we did not get to see everyone we wanted to, we could have certainly used another $40-60 in spending money, and we had to leave before getting to try our hands at the annual drawing challenge- but it was a fun and exciting atmosphere with TONS of cosplay going on, and an extremely family friendly environment. The best thing is Heroes Con is still a comic book convention that actually focuses on comics and the people who made or still make them in all their myriad forms, styles and genres.
Gambit & Rogue

Hanging with the Empire

Felicia Har- I mean, Black Cat!

Riddle's Messy Wardrobe had an impressive original WASP outfit.

The newer Capt. Marvel outfit was already on the con circuit!

Winter Soldier is as tall as Thor?!

His and Her Winter Soldier outfits!

John Rose and Roy Thomas

Friends my son and I met at FCBD. Sadly, I don't remember their names...

Winter Soldier can shoot with his eyes closed!

Gotham by Gaslight Batman

Formerly known as the Justice League?

501st Shadow Trooper


Striking up a conversation!

Agent Carter

Joe Stanton

Marcus Hamilton

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