Thursday, May 28, 2015

Free Super-powered Library Cards on May 30th!

Summer is fast approaching and across the country libraries are gearing up for their annual summer reading programs. The Union County Public Library System is no exception to that, and with the theme centering around heroes and superheroes, it's a great time to launch the system's second "super-powered" library card.
Last year's card, aka, the original!
The cards (last year's and this year's) were designed by Al Bigley (Batman TAS, Sonic, West Coast Avengers, Darkhawk, Power Rangers, Geminar, Tao Boy & Machine) and primarily are used as a fund-raiser for the library system to purchase new technology or to upgrade existing technology that is geared towards early literacy (helping young children prepare for reading). This year's card not only differs in layout, but Bigley has two new heroes for this year's card, flying out of a storybook. Last year, the heroes featured were reading and using the digital technology the library offers.
The new, equally awesome card!
These library cards are endowed with awesome abilities far beyond the reach of mere mortal library cards. First, the check out limit increases by five items. Next, a patron can request or reserve up to five items to be sent from other libraries. The regular card allows for three. Next, time does not hold the same constraints for the super powered card. Items can be returned up to two days late without incurring the wrath of the overdue fine! Finally, these cards are just wholly and entirely awesome with Al Bigley's art on it!
Normally, these cards are three dollars and are good for one year. But for one day, May 30th, the cards are free to any library card holder who has registered for summer reading! It's a great way to get into a super summer, and we hope lots of people show them off.Stop by any UCPL library this Saturday between 1:00 and 5:00 to get yours!
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