Friday, June 19, 2015

Cartooning Club Guest- Beth Smith and Alien Dude!

Thursday, June 18, the Union West Cartooning Club was very fortunate and pleased to have author Beth Smith come talk about her book series, Alien Dude!
Beth told the club her reason for coming up with Alien Dude was to give boys who were just beginning to read on their own a story they would want. The result was Alien Dude, a superhero who can morph into all sorts of things, can sing to birds, and use farts and armpits as weapons. Typically, Alien Dude is saving the day at school from threats like worm infestations, magically altered cafeteria food and unseasonal weather.
 Beth explained to the club that a book requires several people to make it good. Someone must write it, another person has to illustrate it, the book may need an editor and the cover and inside layout is done by a designer.
The kids took turns drawing themselves as food (a plot point from the second Alien Dude book!), and several of them took to drawing Alien Dude. The evening closed with a video lesson from Hamster Sam creator Dave McDonald on how to create a character starting with a 30 second exercise.
 Incidentally, while many of the presenters at the Return of Mini-Con V will be at Heroes Con in Charlotte this weekend, Dave will be in Michigan for the Kids Read Comics! annual event.
Discussing popular themes that kids like.

Presenting Alien Dude!

Talking book #2 and beyond!

Alien Dude in action!

Talking about all the people who helped make the book.

Book Signing!

Jackson shows off a variety of VeggiTales!

Deep into their art....

Dinosaurs, and picture frames around each frame!

A different kind of Alien Dude!

Alien Dude!

Another Alien Dude!

A third Alien Dude!

Guess who?

NOT an alien! It's a turtle, dude!

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