Monday, June 1, 2015

The Return of Mini-Con V! June 6!

The Return of Mini-Con ends a two-year hiatus on June 6 with the FIFTH mini-con event! It will be a return to the mini-cons of yore- artists, art, costumes and free stuff! The best part is admission is free, and presenters get their space for free as well.
Al Bigley
Dave McDonald
 The past two years, Union West has opted to celebrate the 75th anniversaries of Superman and Batman, and to become a recurring member of the annual Star Wars Reads Day. Despite all this fun, the mini-con remains genuinely different from those other events in that it showcases the rich talent of the local cartooning community in Charlotte and across the Carolinas. So far, this year's slate of talent includes Al Bigley (whose credits are just too long to list without missing something important!), the founding reason behind why there is a Cartooning Club at Union West; Jeremiah Ray, a rising Mint Hill artist and instructor who has also cut is teeth at our Cartooning Club and will make his first mini-con appearance for us; Corey Rocbottom Davis, the Columbia, SC based creator of Jet Boy and other indie comics and a member of Fite Klub Studios and Truthful Comics; Dave McDonald, the creator of Hamster Sam and Vincent Van Doodle; Beth Smith, the author and creator of the Alien Dude book series; Ben Murray, from Fite Klub Studio, and many more!
Corey Rocbottom Davis
It is also different in that publishers are contacted directly and asked if they would be wiling to participate by donating comics, graphic novels, bookmarks, or anything else to the mini-con. As the library's big kick-off event for summer reading, it is our desire to put a comic book in the hand of every child that comes to our event. Past participants have included Dark Horse, IDW, Boom! Studios, :01 books, Top Shelf, RightStuf, Viz Media, Archie, Campfire, and Capstone Press. This year, Chris Staros of Top Shelf, and Gina Galliango of :01 Books came through with some fantastic reads to give away! DC  jumped in this year with posters and bookmarks featuring the Flash and Capstone has offered up a slew of cool posters!
Beth Smith
The library will also be giving away 10 superhero cards, so if you missed out on free superhero cards on May 30, June 6 could save the day for you!
 Roughly over 300 people have attended past mini-cons. Just how many over 300 is hard to guess, but it translates into more than 100 people coming in per hour. Not bad for a small library holding a free event on a Saturday!
 Check back here over the next few days for more info and details as things come together.

Jeremiah Ray

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