Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Roster for Mini-Con V grows!

Exciting news this morning as the core presenters for The Return of Mini-Con V- Al Bigley, Dave McDonald, Beth Smith, Jeremiah Ray and Corey Rocbottom Davis- are being joined by Columbia's Criss Mitchell, and Big Dogs Studio's Brandon Padgett and Herc Petmezas!
Criss Mitchell's art.
Brandon's Power Man/ Luke Cage card.
 This comes on the news that Ben Murray and Dan Johnson would not be able to attend, so losing two and gaining three is certainly a good thing! Herc and Brandon are veterans of the Mini-Con and have been major players in the Sketch Charlotte scene over the years. Criss is a talented artist who has done work for area comics shops and is a talent waiting to be found!

Herc's art!
Herc, the artist!
In addition, more folks want to get on that mini-con train. Bibliobooks, which provides books, print collections and graphic novels in digital format has opened up their Dark Horse Comics collection and their Comic and Graphic Novels page! The Comics and Graphic Novels page has collections of Holyoke, Key and other Golden Age publishers with a slant to the pre-code horror, crime and war comics. It also includes more contemporary publishers like Alterna Comics and Blue Water Comics (with their biography, politics and adventure titles showcased). The Darkhorse page has Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Conan the Barbarian, various horror titles and superheroes including the recently revived Captain Midnight! These books are free to read through the library's webpage. Just log into the library's NCLive page using your NCLive password and  follow the captain's orders. You'll be enjoying four-color excitement in no time!

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